Recycle Contests 2018

 Refashion Contest sponsored “By Markita”  
Because I believe in recycling and refashioning clothing and accessories, I am sponsoring a contest to encourage anyone in the Dallas Fort Worth area to enter.  Two contests:
Cool/Cold weather clothes – runs from Oct. 28th 2017– Feb. 15th 2018 

Warm/Hot weather clothes – runs from Mar. 1st 2018– May 31st

Prizes provided “By Markita”  Judging will be by an independent panel to be named. 

Contest prizes are gift certificates to the next Plano ASG shopping spree or cash at the discretion of sponsor. 
Each contest :  First prize-$25.00  Second prize $15.00 Third prize $5.00 

Winners announced Feb. 28th  and June 9th.

Rules:  Must complete entry form including at least one photo of each of the before, during construction, and finished item.  And a simple tutorial of the refashion process.  (written or video format)
Items Must be refashioned in some manner.  Finished items must include at least 80% recycled (not purchased new by entrant in the last 2 years) but can be purchased by entrant from thrift stores during contest period.  The items must fit the seasonal theme of each contest.
The garment must be sewn. Self-drafted patterns or commercial patterns may be used; they may be previously used or new. More than one source can source item can be used to create the final product. Finished items can be adult or children’s clothing or accessories.

The “original” item or items must be changed substantially to create a new garment. The item can be of the same type (dress to dress) or something entirely different (tablecloth to dress). However, the new item must be distinctly different from the original (for example, embellishments only do not qualify).  Tutorial must be originally created, but can use with permission the information from books, classes, and other tutorials.
Judging will by “By Markita” and select judges.  Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, inspiration statement and tutorial.  Also considered will be the “value created” (for example item purchased from thrift store for $5.00 converted into garment that could be bought or sold for $200 – would convert to increase in value of 97.5%)