Needle Sharp Subscription – Named Pattern’s Kielo Wrap Dress

I received my first subscription box from Needle Sharp.  Now those that know me, know that I do not need any more fabric or patterns (my family will tell you so!).






My pattern stash (really organized though !) 
My guest room – sorry guests, I collect fabric !

Anyway, as you can now see, I don’t need any help buying fabric or patterns (or so I thought).  I really enjoyed getting the box in the mail.  The Kielo dress was right on target for August weather, the rayon is cool and comfortable and great quality.  And because I don’t use Instagram for my sewing inspiration, I was unaware how popular and flattering this dress is on all ages and body types.

Ok, now for another confession.  Although I had just cleaned and organized my sewing/office, I totally forgot about the box contents other than the fabric and pattern.  I just reached into my interfacing basket and grabbed thread off the thread wall.  Not until I finished the dress did I realize I had forgotten the thread, interfacing and bias tape were still in the box!

The interfacing was my favorite type, and I have already used it in my another sewing project.  And I had a yard of the rayon floral left over, so it is going to become a top in my Seamwork Fall Wardrobe collection.  I plan to wear the Kielo dress  as a jumper with a long sleeve top this fall too.

Reasons I love Needle Sharp:

  1. You can preview the box selection and choose among several fabric types
  2. You are in total control of your subscription: Join for one month, 3 or more.  Skip deliveries, too!
  3. Mary is out there scouring New York wholesalers and the internet for trendy and wearable patterns and fabrics.

Check out my Kielo dress sourced from Needle Sharp:


The Kielo dress was drafted for a 5’8″ figure.  I am 5′ 4.5″.   Using Joi Mahon’s  fit method, I added 3/4″ from shoulder to apex.  Cutting and adding through the armhole.  Note that the bust point and the armhole are nicely marked on the pattern.  I needed to decrease from apex to waist 1.5″ (again waist and hip nicely marked on the pattern)  And I decreased another 2″ divided between above and below the knee on the skirt length.  I didn’t need any back adjustments, just the skirt length.  Easy Peasy, I will make another soon.  The only additional change I think I will make is to scoop the center front neck a bit, so that if I make one more fallish to wear as a jumper there will be a little more breathing room at the center neckline.

The pattern has only 3/8″ seam allowances, so I chose to serge the edges (and I was lazy) instead of french seams.  Nice heavy color card on how to do french seams was also included in the Needle Sharp box.

So what are you waiting for ?  Check it out here: