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Visiting New York again – this time with my sewing sisters.  If you have just started following my blog, let me just say that I sew.  It is a passion, a creative outlet and a boutique business for me.  And there are makers out there that share my passion.  You will find them in the online community located at buy Depakote tablets.   Launched 16 years ago by the fabulous Deepika, the site has an international community of over 450,000 members.   You can find reviews of sewing patterns, books, classes, stores, and machines.   And once per year, some of these enthusiasts get together for a weekend of sewing fun and shopping.

First where to buy Depakote onlineup was a tour of the New York office of the McCall Pattern company (McCall/Butterick/Vogue/KWIK SEW patterns).  We were not allowed to take photos past the entrance, due to all the secret designs coming soon.  It was amazing to see how much creativity is generated by so few employees.   It requires planning and coordination among departments and teams.

We visited the fabric library where swatches are cataloged by color and type.   Learning how Pantone and garment color trends influence the fabrics that are chosen for the pattern sample garments.

One of the most surprising things to me was the reverse engineering that is done to create the Vogue designer patterns.   A team of experienced and talented makers receive the garments from the fashion houses.  Then they create both patterns and instructions with out taking apart the original garments.

We also visited the photo studio, where next season’s shoes were lined up awaiting the models for the next catalog.

The first official day we had a great panel of sewing experts to answer our questions and give us their ideas on the state of the home sewing industry.  The panel featured actress Marcy Harriell known for herwhere to buy Depakote 500mg; Meg McDonald, social media manager of McCall pattern company Deborah Kreiling, design development director, Simplicity creative group; and Karen Groner, professor of fashion design, FIT.

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Swatch – Mood Fabrics
buy Depakote without prescription
AKN fabrics 1239 Broadway #507

Day two was fabric shopping!!!  As you can see from my suitcase packed to the 50 lb limit, I had a very successful trip.   Swatch, the famous dog from Mood fabrics (taken on the previous New York trip).  Marcy gave us the tip about AKN as a source of wax prints.   I also made purchases at Elliot Berman Textiles and Purl Soho (both opened just for our group); Pacific Trimming.  Going shopping in New York?  Drop me a note and I can share some stores and addresses for fabric fun.

Depakote no prescription
Custom leather handbag ByMarkita Pattern by ChrisW Designs (Uptown Girl)
Depakote online no prescription
Travel organizer for chargers and cords ByMarkita

This year the PRweekend “contest” was to create a travel accessory.  Yes, I won the contest with my black and white hair on leather handbag and travel organizer for chargers and cords.  Depakote online without prescription


I love the sewing community created by Pattern Review – where I hang out until the next PRWeekend!