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There are two posts on this adventure.  A travel log (Sioux City, Iowa)  and sewing class review (Joi Mahon’s Sewing Holiday).  

Travel notes first.  If travel highlights don’t interest you hop over to the sewing class review.

This was my first trip to Sioux City.  I was a math whiz in school, not geography.   I didn’t realize that Sioux City ( pop.  approx 83,000) borders Nebraska.  Actually just across the Missouri river is South Sioux City, Nebraska.  And if you are a tourist like me, maybe you too will start singing the words to Oh, Shenandoah every time you see the “wide Missouri”.  It is also about 1.5 hours from Omaha, Nebraska.  So you can either fly into Omaha or Sioux City, which has the clever airport designation of SUX.  And you can buy a tshirt with Fly SUX.  I didn’t, but was tempted.  

Sightseeing Highlights –

buy Depakote 500 mg  Quick history lesson – After President Jefferson completed the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, he sent scout Meriweather Lewis to chart the territory.  The goal was to document the territory, the flora and fauna, and find a water passage to the pacific ocean.  Lewis, along with William Clark and his slave York lead a team of 31 men.  They were guided by Sacagawea (the spelling and pronunciation are debated)  who carried her infant son on the journey.  Now that is one tough mama!  The dog Seaman got to be in the statue.  I will just leave that for you to think about.


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Lewis, Clark and Seaman statue at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Photo



The only fatality of the expedition  occurred near Sioux City.  Sgt. Charles Floyd died of what is presumed to be appendicitis and was buried along the river.  There is a monument as well as a street and river named after him.

Sbuy Depakote 500 mg online    A glimpse into life on the river in this free welcome center and museum. 

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buy Depakote 250 mg    A memorial garden featuring giant statues of Jesus and Mary.  There is also a life size wood carving of the last supper.  

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Sacred Heart of Jesus statue by sculptor Dale Lamphere Photo
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Immaculate Heart of Mary Queen of Peace statue Photo
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The Last Supper was completed in 1993 by award-winning carver Jerry Traufler of Le Mars, Iowa after seven years of work. Photo
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Close up of the incredible detail of this art carving


Depakote 500mg buy online    A very sweet stop on the trip!   I had my first “bing”  which is like a cherry mash (chocolate and nuts over a cherry concoction)   Besides antique candy making equipment, they have a selection of made in Iowa goodies, and will give you a free bing if it is your first trip in the store.

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Cherry Bing by Palmer Candy Photo

buy oral Depakote    Not one but two foodie snack places in one town!!  The coated popcorn here is fabulous.  I brought home 4 different flavors, all of them amazing.  Check out the virtual museum on the website.  

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Jolly Time Popcorn – Museum and store Photo

And if you visit – I recommend can you buy Depakote in spain   I spent every evening on the wrap around porch, wine glass in hand enjoying the lovely summer evening!

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Linda Sue Manor – built 1900 Photo
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Ballroom Suite 3rd floor – Linda Sue Manor Photo

Cheers !